About Us

Kalyn Zapata, CD, HBCE

I am a Certified Doula and HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education Practitioner. After achieving my first birth in 2013 with midwives at home, my interest in the birthing community grew immensely. When my second child was born in the water (also at home), I sought out to become a midwife myself. Through the next several years of business school, more babies, and because of the demanding nature of a midwife's schedule, I decided to create my own entrance into the birthing world. When an opportunity presented to become a Childbirth Educator, and with the encouragement of my own supportive midwife, I launched Angels Among Us HypnoBirthing, and began my new career. Being a midwife is still the end goal, and I am excited to also be offering Doula Services as of Fall 2019. As a mom of four, with both home and hospital birthing experience, I understand the physical, mental, and emotional tolls that pregnancy, labor, and birth can bring. I look forward to working with you and your family to help you achieve your ultimate birthing goals.

April Welch, Herbalist, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Reiki Practitioner

My experience in the world of birth began with care I received by midwives for my own birth in 2011. I was completely changed by the way the midwives took care of me and by the world they operated in. I have continued to work for the same midwives since then and have the pleasure of running the office of this beautiful birth center. The ways of midwives led me to my now many roles. I began offering placenta services in 2012, began my lifelong herbal studies in 2018, and recently became certified in Jikiden Reiki. In addition, I am now offering a nature based product line through my new business, Love Your Mother Apothecary. I'm incredibly passionate about offering affordable and practical solutions for well being. Pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum are some of the most challenging, beautiful, and overwhelming moments of a woman's life. I am here to not only provide powerful tools for those moments, but also to be here for you as a fellow mother and woman, well beyond postpartum. We are all in this together and I look forward to making a connection with you. 

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