What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is not only a technique, it is a philosophy.

HypnoBirthing was founded in 1989 by Marie Mongan, and is a proven method that prepares a woman to accept birth as a peaceful and natural experience. When the birthing mother trusts in herself, her body, and her baby, her birthing may unfold with more gentility and ease. 

"When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change." -Marie Mongan

HypnoBirthing is a program that considers the physiological aspects of birth, while respecting the psychological well-being of the mother, her partner, and the baby. This course is built around educating the birthing families to utilize special breathing techniques, visualization, relaxation, attention to nutrition and toning of the body, benefits of partner involvement; as well as respect and communication with care providers.

This simple method of childbirth education helps birthing families to release their fears (personal or instilled), and understand the physiological gifts that nature intended to help our bodies birth our babies; in the same manner that allowed us to nurture them from within for so many months.

What to Expect

HypnoBirthing classes are taught in a series of approximately 2-hour sessions, one day a week, over a period of five weeks. The ideal time to attend the HypnoBirthing course is between 16-35 weeks pregnant. (If you are nearing your birthing time, please email me immediately to make arrangements more suited to your needs.) Over the five-week course you will learn how to:

Set the Stage- HypnoBirthing philosophy, the whys and how you can have a more comfortable birthing, natures perfect design for women's bodies to birth, how to assist, and not resist, your natural birthing instincts, gentle vocabulary, visualization of gentle births.

Preparing the Mind and Body- The remarkable minds of babies, prenatal bonding, self-relaxation techniques, breathing techniques for labor and birthing, hypnotic relaxation and visualization, selecting the right care provider, birth companion's role, preparing the body with toning.

Self-Hypnosis, Visualization, and Advanced Deepening- Preparing birth preference sheets, preparing the body for birthing, light touch massage, your body working for and with you, achieving a natural start to labor, releasing negative emotions, fears, and limiting thoughts.

Overview and Summary of Birth- Onset of labor, thinning and opening, settling in at place of birth, as labor moves along, hallmarks of labor, if labor slows or rests, companions prompts and activities, as labor advances, birthing with your baby, birth rehearsal imagery.

Birthing, the Final Act, and Bonding- Moving into birthing, breathing baby down to birth, the golden hour and breastfeeding, family bonding with your baby, hands-on discussion of labor and birthing positions. 


"I was excited, but initially super nervous at the thought of having my third baby without epidural. knowing myself well, I knew I'd need some heavy duty tools to help me and baby have the best experience possible. Enter, Angels Among Us HypnoBirthing! I not only learned so much about breathing, relaxation, and visualization, but also about pregnancy and the birth process from Kalyn. I used the techniques and was able to stay calm and focused through the majority of my labor at home, and then welcomed my baby into the world just as  I had hoped, without pain meds, under the care of my amazing midwife team at Central Texas Birth Center. Kalyn is Knowledgeable and encouraging, and someone who I will always highly recommend to anyone interested in HypnoBirthing."

--Rachel W.

"This was my first pregnancy and I had an idea of how I wanted my care to be but just like you’re “supposed to do” we found a hospital and started care with an OB/GYN. It was horrible, every appt was exactly what I didn’t want. I had been reading books about natural birthing and found a HypnoBirthing class in hopes that it would help me achieve what I wanted for my delivery.
The Angels Among Us HypnoBirthing class was the best thing we could have done. The class introduced us to the birth center and we learned some valuable tips on managing pain during labor. We toured the birth center and I knew immediately this was where I was supposed to be. We started care with CTBC at 28 weeks pregnant. I delivered at 39 weeks, after 20 hours of labor. At first I thought I was having “false labor” because my contractions were close together but not consistent. My husband and mom were begging me to get dressed because they didn’t want to deliver a baby on the highway. Our drive to the birth center was an hour and a half and my contractions were 3-5 min apart. I arrived at the birth center dilated to a 6. Had I been in a hospital setting, my midwife said they probably would have done a c-section because of the way baby was positioned. Because I wasn’t constricted by machines, my movement and the way I labored I was able to deliver naturally. After about an hour and a half of pushing, we welcomed a beautiful 7lb 7oz baby girl. I cannot thank Kalyn enough for the HypnoBirthing class and for her advice that I will forever be grateful for!"

-Ashton B