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Childbirth Education


If your health insurance covers all or a portion of Childbirth Education, or Doula services, I can help you with receipts to file a claim.

HypnoBirthing Group Classes $350

HypnoBirthing Group Classes are held once a week for approximately two hours each class. The HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method book, a professional packet of handouts and extra material, and the complete download card with Rainbow Relaxation and Affirmations tracks are included in the costs. 

+Military discount available

+Discount available with Doula package purchase

"I will continue to do HypnoBirthing with the rest of my pregnancies. It was life changing for my husband and I and such a wonderful bonus making a life long friend during our journey!"

-Andy M


Upcoming Group Class Dates

CTBC Georgetown 5 week series (Saturdays)

January 14th 11am-1pm

March 4th 11am-1pm

Upcoming Group Class Dates

TSP Temple 5-Class Series (Sundays)

January 15th 2-4pm

March 5th 2-42pm

HypnoBirthing Private Sessions $475

HypnoBirthing Private Sessions are a great way to utilize the intimacy and privacy of your own home to set the stage for the birth you desire. With classes set around your schedule needs, private sessions are a better fit for some families. This option includes the same amenities as group sessions, as well as a personal gift when we complete the series. 

+Military discount available

+Discount available with Doula package purchase

Comfort Measures for Labor

The Comfort Measures for Labor class is a one-time class.

This is a great start for first time parents, and a great refresher course for parents who have experienced birth before. In this 90 minute class we will cover partner involvement, affirmations, relaxation and breathing techniques, discussion of physiological birth, labor and birthing positions, adaptations for water birth, and utilizing other resources such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, and essential oils.

**Discount available when combined with Postpartum Class.

Navigating the New Us (Postpartum)


Diving into the immediate postpartum period as a new parent can feel overwhelming. This one-time, 90 minute class will cover the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of navigating this new journey. With emphasis on the first three days, we look at what to expect with breastfeeding, diapers, rest, bodily functions, support, and more. Looking further, we address mood disorders vs. baby blues, benefits of placenta encapsulation, schedules, pumping for a stash, partner involvement, and more. 

** Discount available when combined with Comfort Class.

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