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Through labor and birth, we are at once the strongest we will ever be, and also the most vulnerable. When we are fully safe and supported in this journey, that strength overrides the vulnerability; and we come to realize that we are actually powerful beyond measure. Education. Options. Support.
Keeping Birth Beautiful.

If your health insurance covers all or a portion of Childbirth Education, or Doula services, I can help you with receipts to file a claim. 

Kalyn Zapata
Serving Waco to Georgetown, and surrounding areas 

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Central Texas Birthing Services

As a full spectrum Doula, I offer support for all stages of prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal support. I have an amazing                        for other providers that you may find useful during this time.

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I knew the moment we met, she had such a calmness and peace to her that I wanted to feel during birth. I was so happy to do the classes and see her every week. We had a doula for our first birth, and I knew I wanted to have one this go around as well. A few weeks before we were due, we changed our birth plan to a homebirth, and we asked Kalyn to be our doula. It was the best decision I ever made. She was absolutely everything and more that I didn't even know I needed to support me during my labor and birth. Kalyn truly has an amazing gift. I believe she was put on this earth to do what she does. I felt so much peace, love, support, respect, strength, and freedom. She guided me along the journey with HypnoBirthing, positive affirmations, and encouraging words. The things she would say to me sank so deep and resonated within me to give me more strength to breathe my baby out! It was the most beautiful and peaceful birth I didnt even know could exist (at least for me, after experiencing a traumatic first birth.) I truly believe I had such a healing experience because of the work we did together in HypnoBirthing, and having Kalyn by my side. Even after having my daughter, Kalyn was feeding me banana bread! I'm lucky to call this amazing woman my friend after such an incredible experience I will always hold dear to my heart.


Yesenia and Dru

What is a Doula?

-A doula provides birth support to the birthing family. This can be inclusive of moral, verbal, physical, and emotional support.

-A doula may make observations and suggestions, and may take notes throughout the duration of the labor process.

-A doula is specifically trained to help maintain an atmosphere of calm and  gentility; utilizing affirmations, massage, breath coaching, grounding, position changes, and other support.   

-A doula is not medical personnel and will not perform clinical care.

*Further doula specific care will be discussed during our meetings. My services agreement contract and Doula offerings forms can be found here.


Services Agreement

What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is not only a technique, it is a philosophy.

HypnoBirthing was founded in 1989 by Marie Mongan, and is a proven method that prepares a family to accept birth as a peaceful and natural experience. When the birthing person trusts in themself, their body, and their baby, their birthing may unfold with more gentility and ease. 

"When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change." -Marie Mongan

HypnoBirthing is a program that considers the physiological aspects of birth, while respecting the psychological well-being of the mother, her partner, and the baby. This course is built around educating the birthing families to utilize special breathing techniques, visualization, relaxation, attention to nutrition and toning of the body, benefits of partner involvement; as well as respect and communication with care providers.

This simple method of childbirth education helps birthing families to release their fears (personal or instilled), and understand the physiological gifts that nature intended to help our bodies birth our babies; in the same manner that allowed us to nurture them from within for so many months.

What to Expect

HypnoBirthing classes are taught in a series of approximately 2-hour sessions, one day a week, over a period of five weeks. The ideal time to attend the HypnoBirthing course is between 16-35 weeks pregnant. (If you are nearing your birthing time, please email me immediately to make arrangements more suited to your needs.) Over the five-week course you will learn how to:

Set the Stage- HypnoBirthing philosophy, the whys and how you can have a more comfortable birthing, natures perfect design for women's bodies to birth, how to assist, and not resist, your natural birthing instincts, gentle vocabulary, visualization of gentle births.

Preparing the Mind and Body- The remarkable minds of babies, prenatal bonding, self-relaxation techniques, breathing techniques for labor and birthing, hypnotic relaxation and visualization, selecting the right care provider, birth companion's role, preparing the body with toning.

Self-Hypnosis, Visualization, and Advanced Deepening- Preparing birth preference sheets, preparing the body for birthing, light touch massage, your body working for and with you, achieving a natural start to labor, releasing negative emotions, fears, and limiting thoughts.

Overview and Summary of Birth- Onset of labor, thinning and opening, settling in at place of birth, as labor moves along, hallmarks of labor, if labor slows or rests, companions prompts and activities, as labor advances, birthing with your baby, birth rehearsal imagery.

Birthing, the Final Act, and Bonding- Moving into birthing, breathing baby down to birth, the golden hour and breastfeeding, family bonding with your baby, hands-on discussion of labor and birthing positions. 

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About Me

Kalyn Zapata, CD, HBCE

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Photo By: Chelsa at Crowned By CK
my beautiful babies

I am a Doula and Childbirth Education Practitioner, certified through the HypnoBirthing Institute. I am currently undergoing secondary training through Bebo Mia Inc., to be more encompassing of accommodations that other family dynamics may encounter. I am excited to add fertility, loss, postpartum, and other full-spectrum certifications to my resume. After experiencing my first birth at home, under the care of midwives, my interest in serving the birthing community grew immensely. When my second child was born at home, this time in the water, I sought out to become a midwife myself. Through the next several years of business school, more babies, and because of the demanding nature of a midwife's schedule, I decided to create my own entrance into the birthing world. When an opportunity presented to become a Childbirth Educator, and with the encouragement of my own supportive midwife, I launched my HypnoBirthing classes, and began my journey as a birth worker. Being a midwife is still the end goal, but I am excited to serve as a Doula for now. As a mom of four, with both home and hospital birthing experience, I understand the physical, mental, and emotional tolls that pregnancy, labor, and birth can bring. I look forward to working with you and your family to help you achieve your ultimate birthing goals.

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Helpful Resources

As a childbirth educator and doula, and with my years of birthing experience, I have met some pretty incredible people along the way. Here are some quick links to information on the services I offer, as well as some of the resources you may find beneficial. 


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Midwifery Care and Birth Center

Georgetown, Tx


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Dulce Birthing Center & Services
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The Starting Place

Birth and Wellness Center

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Jennifer Timbs

Homebirth Midwife

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Tiny Toes Midwifery
Kendra Albright
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Doulas & Photography

Kait Valdivia

Bereavement, Birth, & Postpartum Doula Serving Central Texas


Nicole Luna
Blue Moon Doula
Birth & Postpartum Doula, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist
Waco, Temple, Belton

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Heart of Joy Birth Doula
Rachael Fischer
Central Texas Area


Mothering Arts
Stephanie Bodak Nicholson, CLC
Lactation, Childbirth Education, Doula Support
Temple and surrounding areas

Rhonda K Photography

Rhonda Kinney

Waco, Troy, Temple, Belton


Nimsi Williams

Birth Photography & Doula Support


Central Texas

Eryn Shaffer
Doula & Photographer
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Childbirth Education and Doula Services

Central Texas

My Neighborhood Doula

Melissa and Julie

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Chelsea Carr

Family+Birth+Lifestyle Photography

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Holistic/Natural, Remedies and Body Work

AdaPT Physical Therapy
Meredith Kennedy
560 N Main St. Salado, Tx


Just Chiropractic
Dr. Barbara Procter
1915 W. Ave. M
Temple, Tx
"Home of the $20 adjustment"

Lauren Sams

Grow Baby Nutrition

Infant nutrition+Lactation

Compleo Kids

Broad spectrum care for pre- and postnatal. PT, IBCLC, Nutrition, Pelvic PT, etc.

Serving Waco

April Welch

Herbal Remedies and Placenta Services

Georgetown, Tx


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CenTex Chiropractic
Dr. Paige Quebedeaux
2853 N. Main St. Unit 5
Belton, Tx

Sally Pierce-Leissner

Craniosacral Therapy & Bodywork for Breastfeeding

Austin and Central Texas


Matt Altman

Pediatric and Family Medicine

Salado, Tx


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